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How to Search the Catalog.


To browse our catalog, click on the corresponding headings in the menu above or to the left. You will then see every subcategory and the number of items it contains. The button Display all in this path allows you to display all the items in the current path shown at the top of the page.


The Quicksearch function is available in the upper left-hand corner of the menu and in each subcategory. It allows you to enter one or more keywords for your catalog search. To the left you can also enter the heading you want to search.

Narrowing your results.

If your search produced too many results, you can narrow the range of your search by entering further keywords on the result page. Just enter the additional keywords in the input box and click Narrow results.

Author Search.

If your keywords produced hits in our author database, the results will be displayed above the keywords. For example, if you started a quick search with the keyword mozart, all composers with this name will be listed. Now you can choose the one you want.

Extended Search.

The extended button beneath Quicksearch on the left leads you to our Extended Search function. It allows you to search the database directly by author, title, ISBN or ISMN. Once again, you can enter any number of keywords under Title to perform your catalog search. When searching by Author, enter the last name first, followed by a comma and then the first name(s), e.g. mozart, wolfgang amadeus. Of course it’s enough if you enter one name, preferably the last name.
Incidentally, you can also call our Extended Search using the button on the left from any subcategory to search a heading or subcategory with all the advantages of the Extended Search function.

Advanced search features.

If you want to enter several keywords in a specific order, just enclose them in quotation marks. A search for "Old Masters" will narrow the range of your search to items containing exactly this sequence of words.

To expand the range of your search, enter a keyword with so-called "wild cards." By appending an asterisk to your keyword you can search our catalog for all words beginning with this keyword. If you enter viol*, for example, the results will cover violin, viola and violoncello.

To exclude a particular keyword, just prefix it with a minus sign. Similarly, add a plus sign if you want the keyword to receive special attention. A search for +waltz –piano, for example, will produce only items containing the word waltz but not piano.

Alternative Names of Authors.

Authors are stored in our catalog under their correct names. However, many are also known by other names. Our Quick Search and Extended Search functions will lead you automatically to the right name so that your search will produce the desired results. A search for enya, for example, will be directed to bhraonain, eithne ni, while a search for prokofjew, sergej will lead you to prokof'ev, sergei sergeevich.

Archive of Separate Editions.

Our archive of separate editions is searched separately from our complete catalog. You can reach it via the link in the menu to the left. As in the Quicksearch, you can also search the archive by entering any number of keywords in the search box or by using an advanced search feature.

Publisher's Numbers.

If you know the publisher's number for the item you want to find, you can use it to search our database. Just enter the number (e.g. ED 4711) in the title box for the Quicksearch or the ISBN/ISMN box for the Extended Search.

How to log in as a customer .

How can I login?

The ordering process is greatly simplified and you don't have to type in your personal details if you are logged in as a customer. To log in to your private customer area you need a password, additionally you need your customer number, your username or your e-mail address. You can choose which of these you'd like to use for your login process.

How can I manage my personal details ?

First you need to log in as a customer. You can manage your personal details using the button My Profile. Enter your personal data into the form and save the changes with the button Save my profile. Of course you can also change your username or password.

I don't know my password!

If your e-mail address is registered in our database we sent an e-mail to you with your personal login details. However, you can also request your password via e-mail: simply write to us with your customer number, your name and your address so we can identify you - we will send your password to you shortly.



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