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General Terms of Business
for Noten Roehr Frankfurt

All our contract of sale are subject to the conditions stated below. General terms of business on the part of the purchaser apply only if confirmed by us beforehand in writing.

1. Conclusion of Contract
All contracts of sale for sheet music, books etc., result on the basis of offer and acceptance. Acceptance need not be expressly declared in writing; as a rule, oral and telephone sales offers on the purchaser's part are also binding, especially when immediately or promptly accepted by us.

2. Terms of Delivery and Purchaser's Obligation to Collect
With the conclusion of the contract of sale the purchaser agrees as a rule not only to pay the prearranged purchase price but also to collect the purchased items unless arranged otherwise orally or in writing beforehand. Shipment, if agreed upon, takes place at the purchaser's expense and risk using the least expensive means of transportation at the seller's discretion. No liability is assumed, nor does the seller incur an obligation to pay in advance.

3. Terms of Payment
Invoices from the seller payable within two weeks of the invoicing date with statement of readiness to collect. The transfer of ownership only takes place contemporaneously with the payment of the purchase price. Until the purchase price is paid in full the sold items remain the property of the seller. Purchased items arranged to be shipped abroad are generally shipped only upon prepayment of the purchase price plus shipping charges or the presentation of a credit card.

4. Warranty
The purchaser does not have a general right to exchange goods received. This does not affect legal warranty claims due to defects in the purchased items. All warranty claims must be put forward to the seller without delay.

5. Withdrawal
Unless a right to withdraw has been expressly agreed upon in writing beforehand, the purchaser can withdraw from a sales contract only if the seller has rendered delivery of the good impossible due to premeditated or negligent behaviour or if the seller fails to maintain a period of grace after the prearranged delivery date. The purchaser must also concede a period of grace to the seller when the seller can prove that prompt delivery was prevented by strikes, shut-downs or force majeure. The same applies when these circumstances occur in connection with suppliers.

6. Partial Deliveries
The seller is authorised to carry out partial deliveries and to collect the goods contemporaneously with the payment of the corresponding purchase price.

7. Place of Jurisdiction and Performance
For all mutual claims, the place of jurisdiction and performance is the registered set of the seller insofar as permitted by law. This agreement applies in particular when the purchaser has no general domestic place of jurisdiction or when the purchaser moves his place of residence or his normal whereabouts outside Germany after conclusion of the contract or if his place of residence or his normal whereabouts are unknown at the time the suit is filed. In the case of fully qualified merchants the place of jurisdiction is always the registered seat of the seller.

8. Prices
As a rule, all prices are retail prices at the rate fixed for the German book trade. As publishers may not keep us informed of their current prices it may happen that the prices specified are out of date and must be updated at delivery time. Similarly, many publishers do not keep us informed when titles go out of print. This , too, can only be definitely established when the order is placed. Finally, some suppliers offer insufficient trade margins, no trade margin at all, or even charge extra fees for small orders. In such cases we must invoice higher prices accordingly. Foreign editions not distributed by a German representative must be imported separately, which may also lead to higher prices. In all cases the following rule applies: the larger the quantity ordered from a supplier, the lower the price per item.

9. Shipping
We offer free shipping if you order by direct debit (Germany and EU). Orders of EUR 500,-- or more we ship for free to foreign countries.

10. Dispute resolution
By current law, we are bound to inform customers of the existence of the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform, which can be used to try to reach an out-of-court settlement.
The platform is administrated by the European Commission.
You can visit the European Online Dispute Resolution Platform here:

Please refer to the German Version for the legally binding version of these terms.




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