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Welcome to the Noten Roehr Frankfurt Website.

Dear Music Lovers,

NOTEN ROEHR is a music shop and open retail outlet located in Niedernhausen, Germany.

We carry sheet music and books from all publishers, wether German or international, ranging from classical to pop. As registered bookdealers we also supply books on nonmusical subjects.

We also carry school instruments such as recorders and Orff instruments as well as such accessories as metronoms, music stands, conductor´s batons, and much else.

We also handle CD recordings, rounding off our stock is a collection of second-hand books and sheet music.

Despite our large warehouse (more than 18,000 new publications are kept permanently in stock), we do not always have every edition at our fingertips. In such cases we have an extremely fast delivery service. Our orders are placed every Thursday. Music from German publishers arrives the following week, those from other European countries in about two weeks, and those from the United States in about six weeks. Many books can be supplied overnight. We also offer an express delivery service.

Once ordered, the editions can be collected in our shop. Alternatively, we can have them delivered with invoice or bank deduction (for orders in Germany) or payment by credit card (for orders from abroad), but always at the risk and expense of the customer.

Our prices do not include shipping and handling. Prices may change without notice; all informations subject to error.

Would you like to find out more about NOTEN ROEHR ? Just give us a call, Fax or e-mail.

Lothar Roehr



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